Before the dam between Tambohus and Jegind Island was built in 1915, there was a ferry crossing the sound called Tambosund to Tambohus Inn, which had a royal privileged right to the ferry. Until the mid-1900s, however, there was also a connection between Jegind Island and the surrounding world with a rowing ferry from the north-eastern place Boehloere to Hestoer Odde on the island of Mors.

The first time Jegind Island is mentioned in the historical sources, is a seven-hundred-year-old handwriting from a Zeeland monastery. Here it is called The Island of Oak, and it is stated that Valdemar the 2nd owned a house here. Of the royal settlement remains, the castle itself was demolished around 1844, while a larger amount of stone was used for a dike.

Struer Museum, Jesper Bækgaard



Flora and fauna being nurtured

The village Tambohuse, surrounded by sea, marsh and ponds, is a real pearl for people, who love nature. Here you’ll find peace and quiet. In the middle of this natural paradise, Tambohus Kro (inn), which has existed since 1842, offers a genuine and cosy atmosphere. Tambohus inn is just a stone’s throw away from the Limfjord. From the restaurant and rooms there is a unique panoramic view of the Limfjord and the island of Jegindoe.

Tambohus Kro is known for a first class kitchen focusing on local suppliers. At the back of the inn there is some very special countryside called “Helleroed Kaer”, where more than 150 different plant species grow, including rare orchids and carnivorous plants. The farmers take care of this area using the special Galloway cattle race. Occasionally, Tambohus Kro organizes Galloway events, where the meat from the cattle is on the menu.

There are trails in Helleroed Kaer, so the exciting plant life and the distinctive Galloway cattle can be studied at close range. Also try the Jegind Island hiking or the beautiful coastal trip from Tambohuse to Soendbjerg Beach. Your tired hiking legs can also be rested at Tambosund Camping, which is situated on the waterfront, one of Denmark’s best-located campsites.

Tambohus Kro and Tambosund Camping are perfect places for cycling, hiking, golfing or for people who just want peace and quiet in a magnificent countryside.

West of Tambohuse you will find Hvidbjerg town with small cosy shops, art gallery “Mississippi” and the cultural centre “Midtpunkt”.

Tina Charlotte Moustgaard Pedersen